How to set up Autopin for your Pinterest account

Welcome to Autopin!

The first thing you need to do is add a few tags. In the Tags section, type in a few keywords that are characteristic to your business. You can use broader tags if you want to interact with a lot of content, or more niche ones if you want to keep the interactions closely related to your business.


For example, if you own a handbag company, you could enter “Handbags” or “Designer Handbags” if you wanted to make sure that the interactions made from your account are related to these topics. But you many also want to add “Fashion” or “Fashionista” to generate some more general traffic that could be interesting for you.

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After you’ve set up your tags, you need to decide what type of interactions you’d like Autopin to perform. Liking and Following Users are generally good options, since this will bring other users’ attention to your profile. Activating Liking, Unliking, Follow User and Unfollow User is generally a good strategy for gaining followers on your account.

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If you want to go for a more complex set-up, the Pinning feature will seek out content related your tags and automatically pin it to the boards you select. This is great if you want to generate more content on your boards – and it’s a great feature to combine with Inviting. This feature invites Pinterest users who are pinning items related to your themes to follow and pin on your boards, making your boards grow even faster. Activating Pinning and Inviting will automatically generate boards with thousands of followers where you can later post your own original content.

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Last but not least, there’s Commenting. This feature allows you to enter a few friendly but vague comments which it will randomly leave on related users’ pins. If you activate Commenting, we recommend that you set your engagement rate to “slow” and enter a good, strong set of comments. This will bring a lot of attention to your profile, but too much commenting might cause your account to be flagged. We recommend commenting only to more experienced marketers.

Once you have chosen your activities, just click Play! Your account will start performing automatically.
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That’s all! Please use our feedback form if you have any questions regarding your account. 



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