What is Autopin and why do I need it?

Autopin comes as an answer to the question “if my business is already on Pinterest, how can I make my account and sales grow?“. Pinterest marketing is not an easy game, and we believe parts of it can be automated. That’s why we created Autopin.   background With Autopin you can automatically follow and unfollow users, invite them to your boards, create pins based on keywords as well as liking and commenting other posts! When you start, you set a number of tags that can identify your kind of business/account. Then, you select at what speed you want to operate. Finally you choose which actions you would like your account to do. Hit running, and the account will automatically perform all these actions in your behalf. If you have any questions regarding the service, please ask our customer service, on the right part of the panel. Thanks for listening and welcome to Autopin.

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