Why Your Online Shop Needs a Pinterest Profile before It’s Too Late

Pinterest can effectively promote your online shop, since it is based on visual content and has millions of users who can easily get acquainted with your business through your board and pinned posts. Now, you might ask how exactly does having a Pinterest profile help you with your sales and we’re here to answer that question.

  • You Will Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Every pinned post on Pinterest has its own inbound link, so whenever someone clicks on any of your pins, they will be directed to your blog post, thus driving more traffic to your website. The best thing about it is that your pins are not visible only to your followers, but to anyone outside the circle of people following you, and the more people pin your posts to their profile, the more people will see those posts. It’s important to use Pinterest analytics to get an insight into which posts are the most popular, so that you can know what appeals to your customers the most. Pinterest is one of the best social media networks for online shops, since it drives 41% more traffic than any other network.

  • You Will Generate More Sales

A large number of Pinterest users browse pictures to find something they want to buy. Around 70% of them look for inspiration concerning a desired product on Pinterest, and that is where you come in. You can boost your sales by regularly posting appealing pictures of your products to attract more customers. If someone looks for wedding dresses, for instance, all they need to do is type that in the search box and they will get millions of pictures for their inspiration. So, you need to work on your keywords to have better SEO and your sales will only go up.

  • Hey – Free Marketing!

With Pinterest, you don’t have to invest in some marketing strategy, since Pinterest users will do that for you. All you need to do is provide quality descriptions and good keywords, as well as good quality pictures, obviously. The better pictures you pin and have on your board, the higher the chances of more people pinning your posts, thus ensuring you more customers. It’s the best marketing you can get for your business.

These are the most important reasons why you should have a Pinterest profile for your business and you should seriously consider it. There is no other social media network that will help you achieve the ultimate goal of your online shop, which is to generate more sales and get a higher return of investment, and Pinterest will do exactly that by driving a lot more traffic to your e-commerce website.

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